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Lilo On The Go is owned and operated by Lisa (Lilo) Agnew. It was created to help serve the citizens of the Alaskan community and beyond.


Lilo On The Go's mission is to provide reliable and convenient services to the ones who need it the most! 

My Story

Lisa (Lilo) Agnew began Lilo On The Go after she saw the need for a services that small businesses and others. Her journey as an entrepreneur began in April of 2021 when she finally stepped out of government work, on faith, and decided to start her business. "Starting Lilo On The Go has been my saving grace," she stated. "I love to serve my community and developing a strong rapport with each one of my clients has been my favorite part of the journey."

Lisa is a graduate of the George Mason University where she received her Bachelor's degree in IT. Lisa has lived in Alaska since 2010. She has grown to love it so much and is definitely a place that she calls home. Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, getting into the backcountry and on top of mountains, snowmachining, offroad riding, and traveling. You can catch her around town doing what she loves to do most: Serving the Community.

Let's Connect.


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