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Web Design


I'm your one-stop shop for affordable web design. I understand that most of my customers are start-ups, entrepreneurs just getting their feet wet, aspiring artists trying to bring their music and their messages, their arts and their dreams in front of the world and not everyone can afford the large agencies out there that charge an arm and a leg. That's where I come in with my affordable web design services.

Arctic Gymnastics needed a complete overhaul of their website. They had frames that were off, outdated information and difficulty navigating and updating their site.


My goal was to create simple and professional website that showcased the home and activities they provide for their athletes. Now, not only is the website visually appealing to look at, but it is also easy to use. The information is easily accessible through the simple navigation bar. And, best of all, they have an in house editor that can update camp information and any other information with ease.

Arctic Gymnastics.png

This nonprofit had an existing site that needed help with their e-commerce, online forms, and payment portals.

They were having to send people a form via email and then the recipient would have to email the scanned form back with a check payment. I rebuilt the form online and integrated online payments to give make the process easier on their members.

I also built out the dropdown menu for their fun run and streamlined the process by incorporating the entire sign up and liability waivers online.

For aesthetics, I embedded a video on their home page to showcase what they do for their community and where their members donations are going towards.


This nonprofit for the motorized community strives to empower and advocate for all motorized community members on the Eastern Kenai Peninsula. This was a built from scratch website.


My website is designed to be user-friendly and provide members with easy access to information, resources, and helpful tools. I also built a membership signup with payment gateway access and member portal, so our members can login to the portal and stay up to date on the latest news and events. Lastly, we built a form and workflow process in order for information to get transmitted to the owner of another company that provides Medevac/SAR and Alaska Toy Tow Services to this club.

Finishing with crisp photography to showcase motorized activities in Alaska, I'm excited to be working with this nonprofit to help our local motorized community.


Slide Mountain Cabins & RV Park, family owned and operated, needed a website that was mobile friendly to their customers. Most of the tourists Alaska gets are searching on their mobile devices for places to stay along the way.


Their site was not user friendly and didn't showcase their amenities or property well. I rebuilt it on a platform that was easy for them to update as needed and connected it to their existing booking platform. I added a live chat feature, easy access booking button, simple end user navigations and readily available contact information.

Slide Mountain.png

This Alaskan custom adventure tour company's website was built from scratch. The website features a clean modern design, with crisp scenic photography, easy navigation and a convenient booking and chat feature.


With the new booking feature, you can plan and book your perfect adventure in just a few clicks. They wanted a website designed to make it easy for you to explore their unique tours and book those that best fit your interests and budget. 


I refer to this as my entrepreneurial baby. I needed a site that would be both professional and user-friendly. I chose to create a website for my business as it is a great platform for me to connect with others, potential clients and the community and showcase my work. It also allows me to easily update and share information with potential customers and partners.

My website includes a portfolio of my work, a blog to share my thoughts, and a contact page to help potential customers reach me.

Additionally, I have included a section that details my services and how I can help other entrepreneurs, startup companies and virtual assistants. With my website, I am able to show my commitment and dedication to my field as an entrepreneur.


My Awesome Clients

Prior Clients...

At Lilo On The Go, we specialize in web design that is tailored to each client’s individual needs. We strive to provide the best possible solutions to help our clients reach their goals.

We also understand that businesses come and go, so we do not forget our prior clients who we no longer support in web design because they have branched off due to budget constraints, hiring a marketing director/designer in house or their business have closed and they moved on to bigger and better pursuits.

We take pride in the fact that we have been a part of the success of each of these businesses and I am excited to follow them along their journey.

Screenshot 2023-03-04 113628.jpg

Design Pricing

$250 Micro-Page: Make a Presence

2-page simple, mobile friendly design.

$550 Giga-Page: Make Some Noise

3-5 page responsive, mobile friendly design.

$1000 Mega-Page: Life of the Party

6-10 pages, mobile friendly design. Payment portal, forms, e-commerce functionality. Training provided on how to update your site.

Something other than design?

Need help with something that you don't see here?  Already have a site you need help with?

Let's chat about it. I may be able to help you.

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