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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for entrepreneurship. I’ve had many businesses and side-hustles over the years, even while working as a public servant! After eleven years of public service, I was totally burnt out and ready for a career change—one that better suited my lifestyle. I began working helping small businesses in a variety of capacities from virtual assistant, bookkeeping, to website design. I fell in love with the work as well as the freedom and flexibility of working remotely. After gaining experience, I started my own VA business and started working with clients full-time. Through that, I became interested in business strategy and operations as well and started consulting on business process improvement & development.

I would like to eventually go from a one-woman show to an agency full of highly skilled VAs that help female entrepreneurs simplify, streamline, and scale their businesses. I want to help other people enjoy the same flexibility and freedom that comes with working as a VA and to help creative entrepreneurs run their businesses so they can expand their impact and create meaningful margin for more of what they love.

I’m completely obsessed with what I do and I can’t wait to channel that obsession into helping you move your business forward. 


Imagine having someone in your corner who’s talented, reliable, efficient, can offer solutions, brainstorm ideas with you, and be your #1 cheerleader. A dream, right? Nope - a reality! That’s where we come in.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, but we don’t think you should have to go it alone! We team up with our clients and work closely with them to simplify and scale their businesses so they can ditch the overwhelm and expand their impact.

My Services


Virtual Assistance

Ready to start outsourcing in your business to gain back margin to do more of what you love and focus on your YES list? The things that ONLY YOU can do in your business. Partnering with me for your VA needs is the right choice. I pride myself on seamlessly integrating into your business to help lighten your load. I can help you with inbox & calendar management, social media management, admin, tech, email marketing + MORE!


Strategic Business Consulting

During this 3-month retainer, we will focus on bringing clarity to your business, strategic planning and accountability. Here’s what I tell everyone that I work with: Your business is my client, but I am your person. Together we will sort through the ideas in your head, the challenges that you are facing and break it all down into actionable steps to get you where you want and NEED to be in your business.


Business Development

During this 3 month retainer, we will focus on high priority projects to move the needly forward in your business so you can scale. I'll work with you to create custom-built strategies that will move your business forward. We strategize off “big-picture thinking” - recognize areas for process improvement and/or develop processes. I am an expert in project management and delegation, helping my clients come up with a road map to reach their goals. 


Virtual Assistant Education

Dreaming of having a sustainable business that you can run from the comfort of your home? Good news friend, you can have just that!

During my 6-week group, you'll learn everything you need to know about launching and running your own business as a Virtual Assistant. 

There has never been a better time to launch the business of your dreams.


$400 per month

12 hours of virtual assistance/consulting

$625 per month

24 hours of virtual assistance/consulting

$925 per month

36 hours of virtual assistance/consulting

$1250 per month

50 hours of virtual assistance/consulting

Virtual Assistant Education

Coming Soon...

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